Firefighters Save a Dog That Fell down in a Shaft

The firefighters from the Septemvri municipality managed to pull out a dog that fell into a deep shaft, saving its life.

Vencislav Spasov, Zapryan Piperov, and Svetoslav Dimitrov received a signal of the dog in distress during their shift in the Septemvri Fire Brigade. The canine fell in a shaft located near a decommissioned factory. This dig was well known to Vencislav Zapryan, as they had to pull out a ram that fell down there last year.

Svetoslav was descended into the 4-meter-deep shaft and pulled out the scared animal. Given the meteorological conditions in the country at the moment, the dog may not have survived for very long without the valiant rescue carried out by the firefighters.

The Septemvri firefighters Vencislav Spasov and Zapryan Piperov were previously awarded in the “Worthy Bulgarians” initiative for saving a group of children that got lost during an outing.

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for

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