Ministry of Labor Proposes Courses for Re-Qualifying Pensioners

The Ministry of Labor and Social Politics is proposing a new program for re-qualifying pensioners so they can return to the workforce.

The proposal targets the senior citizens that are already retired. The Social Ministry experts claim that the large numbers of unqualified workers and older citizens are a big weight for the current job market. Thus, they aim to solve that problem by educating the senior citizens in fields more needed by the economy of Bulgaria.

 According to some statistics, 76 300 Bulgarians continue to work after their retirement. About 11, 200 people were reportedly taking educational courses that would help them for fitting in the current job market. The Labor minister said that there’s a severe lack of IT specialists and engineers.

Due to that, the country is looking into importing specialists from abroad by increasing the migrant quota. There’s also a change in the ceiling for the percentage of migrant workers a firm can have – from 10% to 20%. In some cases that number can be increased to 35%. Another change is the possibility of migrant students to work full-time jobs, as until now the limit was 20 hours a week.

While the market has a severe lack of IT specialists, time will show if you can ever educate senior citizens into the new technologies of the day.


Alex Dimchev

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