The Largest Group That Seeks Refugee Status in Bulgaria Comes From Afghanistan

A Eurostat study shows that the Afghans are the largest group that seeks refuge in Bulgaria. There are 1050 registered asylum seekers in Bulgaria. The second place is occupied by people from Iraq – 955, and the third is Syrians – 940.

Here’s the official page of the study. In the first two months of 2018, 224 people sought official refuge in Bulgaria, among them 150 Syrians, 35 Iraqi, and 20 Afghans. 60 of them were granted refugee status, 98 received a humanitarian status (meaning they were given shelter but aren’t considered refugees), and 180 were turned down.

According to data released by the National Refugee Agency, the total number of Afghans that sought refuge in Bulgaria for the last 15 years is 25,000, followed by 21,000 Syrians and 19,000 Iraqis. The EU received 650,000  candidacies for refugee status in 2017, half of 1.2 million for 2016.

Germany is the most sought-after asylum country for the refugees, receiving 200,000 candidacies for 2017, around 30% of the total number. Italy is second with 127,000, France got 91,000, and Greece 57,000.

222,000, almost quarter of a million people received refugee status in 2017, while 63,000 got a humanitarian status.

Alex Dimchev

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