Bulgarian Addiction Expert Claims the Age of Drug Consumption is Decreasing to 13-14

A Bulgarian expert on addiction revealed some trends concerning teenagers and drug consumption.

Zhelyaz Turlakov warns against the dangers of drugs, especially synthetic ones. According to his practice in helping drug addicts, the age of drug consumption is decreasing. He said: “50-60% of the people we work with are 16-17 and already have a drug problem, meaning they have at least 2-3 years of history with the substance.”

Another trend that’s reported is the likelihood of parents to tolerate narcotic consumption of their kids. According to Trud, the level of heroin consumption has decreased, but the amount of marijuana and synthetic drug consumption has jumped. Another problem is the widespread smoking of hookah in Bulgaria, with some parents even encouraging its use in order to stop tobacco consumption.

The cultural shift towards the tolerance of certain narcotics is undeniable, with Greece legalizing medical marijuana in order to stimulate its economy.

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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