Tsvetan Tsvetanov Calls for Stronger EU Anti-Terrorism Capabilities During the Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group on EUROPOL

During the meeting of the Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group on EUROPOL, Tsvetan Tsvetanov, the deputy chairman of GERB and a former Minister of Interior, commented on the need for establishing a stronger Europol. According to Tsventanov, the threat of Islamic terrorism and lack of cohesive European police force will create blank spots in the defense of the continent.

He explained that 800 people from the Western Balkans fought for ISIS and the number of people that supported the terror group is 5000. “They are becoming a serious threat to the security of the EU.” 

The EU Parliament member Claude Moraes was also present at the conference and spoke in favor of strengthening Europol: “Europol is doing a lot in the fight against crime.” 

Maria Gabriel also made statements in a similar vein, saying that the meeting was a historic moment: “We are signaling that we want to support the capacity of Europol in the fight against terrorism and cyber attacks. They [terrorism and cyber attacks] know no borders.”

You can see a video of the conference here. The second part of the conference is being streamed live at the time of writing this article. You can check it out here.

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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