Will the Traditional Bulgarian Products Remain Under Market Protection?

The European MP Momchil Nekov speaks before Bulgarian media on the dangers lurking towards Bulgarian traditional products.

The European Commission is forcing Bulgaria to remove all protection from its traditional national products. This news Momchil Nekov shared before Bulgarian media. At the moment, Bulgarian national products are protected under the Lisbon Treaty. According to the treaty, Bulgarian national products are geographically related to Bulgaria. No similar product coming from another country may the same name, even if it has added the true country of origin, or words such as “Type”, “Method”, “Imitation”, and others on its label.

Now, the European Commission demands all Bulgarian products to be retracted from the Lisbon Treaty in order for them to be re-registered the European Agricultural Product Quality Scheme. Nekov warns that during this time, other countries may successfully file a plea for the registration of former Bulgarian national products. As an example, he said that Greece may decide to protect “Kiselo Mlyako” (Bulgarian Yoghurt) as its own product and later on, Bulgarian producers would have to demand permission from Greece to produce it.

Three scenarios have been presented for dealing with the situation. First among them is that Bulgaria retracts from the Lisbon Treaty and suffer the consequence of this action. The second one is to not retract from the treaty but to pay hefty fines to the EU, which may range from €15,000 to €40,000 daily. The third scenario is to protect the products through the European scheme, but for this to happen, local producers must gather together and file a plea towards the Ministry of Agriculture. Soon the government plans on starting an informative campaign among producers in order to avoid the fines which the EU may impose.

(Picture taken from: gotvach.bg)

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