EU Commission: 53% of Banned Items Made in China, 26% in Europe

53% of the European Commission’s list for dangerous products has goods made in China.

Previously, we reported on the EUC’s concerns about fidget spinner brands and how dangerous they can be for the European market. Indeed, the biggest concern regarding product safety remains tied to the goods used by children. Most of the current list consists of toys.

The head of the Bulgarian Commission for Consumer Protection Dimitar Margaritov commented: “Pacifiers, soothers, baby car seats, toy cars, and beds – the main risks could be traced to the presence of small elements that can cause choking or wounding.” 

As said above, most cases of dangerous consumer products came from China, 53%, while those that came from Europe are almost half – 26%. According to bTV, Bulgarians are mostly concerned with the quality of clothes which are often made out of low-quality materials or cleaned with dangerous chemicals.

All users in the EU who are unhappy with the quality or safety of a purchased product can ask for a refund.

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for

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