Gen. Kiril Radev Comments on the New Private Security Law in Bulgaria

A new law in Bulgaria concerning private security protection of villages and small towns caused a debate on whether the state is abdicating in its duty to protect its people from crime. Gen. Kiril Radev commented on the situation.

Radev is the former head of Bulgaria’s Central Service for Fighting Organized Crime. Currently, he runs a private security firm. The former crime fighter commented on the recent law that made it easier for private security firms to guard villages in Bulgaria. The law was criticized by the President and the courts as being unconstitutional, as it allegedly abdicated state power to private entities. While recognizing the legal problems, Gen. Kiril Radev also claims some of the people in the countryside have only seen a police officer “on television” and that its impossible for the police to guard every single village.

Bulgaria’s rural population often feels abandoned by the police force. Corruption and lack of funding are blamed. Radev claimed that “the system” is broken and that Bulgaria’s police force has a lot of incompetent servicemen that caused the turning to private security. He also added that more funding will only indulge the corruption of such individuals. Radev said: “In that system, there are people who don’t deserve to be employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.”

With the scandal surrounding a Bulgarian doctor shooting a robber in his home and the calls for gun control in the United States, personal security is a more relevant topic than ever.


Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for

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