Pelican Colony Attacked by Foxes in the Srebarna Nature Resort Due to Frozen Water

A colony of pelicans was attacked by small predators in the Bulgarian nature resort of Srebarna. Due to the frozen surface of the lake, foxes and jackals could walk to the colony that’s located in the middle of the lake. At this point the staff of the resort only reported that the predators ate some of the bird eggs. The full extend of the damage will be measured by experts once the ice melts.

bTV reports that this occurrence happened several years ago. Most seasons, the ice has already melted when the nesting seasons of the pelican begins, but sometimes the surface remains frozen, which makes it possible for this kind of attack. The hatching of the eggs is expected at the middle of March.

 This isn’t the first odd news relating to birds this winter. Last year Bulgaria saw a flamboyance of 53 flamingos in the Rhodopes due to the unusual climate this season.

(Image source: bTV)

Alex Dimchev

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