Illegal Gas Stations in Bulgaria Are More Than the Legal Ones

Over 20 MPs from all parliamentary represented parties have filed in a proposal for a law that regulates petrol and gas trade in Bulgaria. One of the main proponents of the law is the "United Patriots" MP Emil Dimitrov - former chairman of the "Customs" Agency. 

According to Dimitrov, the number of illegally operating gas stations in Bulgaria is twice as high as that of legally operating ones. He said that in an attempt to justify the law that many deemed as a lobbyist project. Dimitrov, also known by his nickname Revisoro, estimates the number of illegal gas stations to about 7000. At the same time, the former "Customs" chief believes that there are only about 2800 legal gas stations. 

Dimitrov explains that most of the owners of illegal gas stations transport petrol with illegal vehicles. Companies that transport, store and sell liquid fuels will have to prove solid capital and present various certificates from the Directorate for National Construction Control (DNCC). While the critics of the law claim it is a lobbyist law in favor of big companies and will harm smaller gas stations, Dimitrov claims that the law differentiates between legal and illegal businesses - regardless of its "size". The proponents of the law claim its main goal is to fight corruption, the grey economy and ensure fair competition. 

The law foresees that companies that store big quantities of petrol will have to prove they have at least 3 million BGN, while gas stations will have to prove 20,000 BGN per single station. 

Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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