Low Wages at the Bulgarian Academy of Science Cannot Provide for Young Scientists

Ivan Yuhnovski from the Bulgarian Academy of Science has gone before media in order to raise awareness for the conditions in which the young scientists have to work.

Intelligent young Bulgarians do not have a lot to go with in their home country. This is the conclusion of the interview which Iven Yuhnovski, a member of the Bulgarian Academy of Science, gave before local media. According to him, it is quite hard for young scientists to survive with a monthly wage of 600 BGN (€300). This often leads them to seek better options for professional realization abroad. Yuhnovski added that many intelligent people are born in Bulgaria, and Bulgarian scientists are on par with professionals from every other place in the world, but until their financial prospects are improved, Bulgaria will keep losing them.

Not everything is dark and gloomy in academic Bulgaria. Yuhnovski shares, that if the young scientists manage to find financial help from family or close ones, they have good chances of developing a career in Bulgaria too. Yuhnoski said that many of his colleagues have won international competitions, which has allowed the Academy to purchase modern equipment. The new equipment allows Bulgarian scientist to develop their own research and contribute to science. So, the only question at hand remains the pay they receive for their work.

(Picture taken from: wikimapia.org)

Bozhidar Lazarov

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