Alexander Oscar of "Shalom" Comments on the Bulgarian Role in the Deportation of Jews From Western Thrace and Macedonia

The chairman of the Organization of Bulgarian Jews “Shalom” commented on the role of the country in the deportations of Jewish people in Macedonia and Western Thrace.

With the recent 75 anniversary of the Salvation of the Bulgarian Jews, the topic started to be a bit more talked about in Bulgaria. When asked whether the country must apologize for its role in the deportation of Macedonian Jews, the chairman of Shalom, Alexander Oscar, was quoted as saying: “This is an emotional day for all Jews in the world, for all Bulgarians as this is the first official visit if the Bulgarian side in Skopje to commemorate the deported Jews in Macedonia. All of us think that this is a very crucial moment in our modern history.”

Oscar continued: ”We are proud of the history of Bulgaria, we are proud of the fact the Bulgarian people said “no” to the Nazi machine. At the same time, as human being we sympathize and grieve for the perished innocent fellow citizens from Belomorska (Western) Thrace, Macedonia, in the town of Pirot that were deported to the death camps.”

For those who may not be familiar with the history behind this statement, Bulgaria didn't deport its Jewish population during WW2 despite the fact the country was allied with Nazi Germany. However, the Bulgarian government assisted in the deportation of several thousand Jews from the territories of Western Thrace and Macedonia. Most of them were sent to the concentration camps and murdered.

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