Bulgarian dog Trainer Shares tips on Protection against Aggressive Animals

Nikolai Vasilev is a Bulgarian dog trainer, who has been invited by a local media outlet to share tips on protection against aggressive animals.

The story of the 3 year-old child who got killed by a pit bull has caused a lot of commotion in Bulgarian society. In order to prevent panic, misinformation, and further incidents, the dog trainer Nikolai Vasilev has shared a few key points towards dealing with aggressive dogs. The first advice is that if you find yourself in the presence of an aggressive animal, it is good to place something between the animal and your body. This could be a bag, backpack, jacket or any other everyday item, which can be used as means of defence in case of an attack.

Second, it is important to keep your distance from the animal. Do not lose your composure when in the presence of an aggressive animal, especially dogs. If you turn your back on it and sprint away, it will catch-up to you and attack you. In order to increase the space between you, slowly walk backwards, trying not to startle the dog. Do not try to provoke and attack it, as some animals would run away at the sign of danger, but others would immediately attack and there is no way to know what will happen before you threaten it.

Vasilev also shared that there is no sensible person who would raise his dog as a threat to other dogs or people. From this statement, the conclusion of judging the animal’s surroundings can be made. If the dog is not a stray, think about its owner and the conditions that it has been raised in. If you feel like the dog can be a threat, try to keep as much distance from it as possible. As soon as you are not in immediate danger, contact your local police office about the dangerous animal.

(Picture taken from: lunaphyte.com)

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