Bulgarians - The Most Vigilant Customers in Online Shopping

Eurostat shares that the Bulgarians take first place as most cautious online shoppers in all of the European Union as less than 20% share sensitive data when shopping online.

According to publically released statistical information, Bulgarians take first place for most cautious online shoppers in the entire EU. Only 50% of Bulgarians have shared personal information when purchasing online. This includes geographical location, names, contact information and similar. Less than 20% of Bulgarian online shoppers have shared sensitive data such as credit card information and about 9% have shared sensitive data on a live connection.

The research also shows that Bulgarians mostly use internet for communication and prefer doing their shopping in person. About 80% of Bulgarians have said that they primarily use their internet connection for social media and 85% are using internet for audio and video conversations. Even though online shopping has been on a rise in the last few years, the numbers are still too low for it to be considered the “prevalent” shopping method.

(Picture taken from: techprevue.com)

Bozhidar Lazarov

Bozhidar Lazarov is a freelance writer, hobbyist programmer and an aspired novelist. Feel free to follow him on https://www.minds.com/seriousways for his latest articles and personal projects.

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