Gypsies Integrated a Functional Concrete Streetlamp into their House in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The homeland of the absurd and comically disappointing strikes ones again, as a family of Bulgarian gypsies integrated a lamppost into their house.

Construction without permit, plan, or even blueprints is not foreign to the Bulgarian Roma community. Oftentimes there are signals about such activity. One of these signals was shared on social media as it is a case, which breaks the line of the absurd. A family of gypsies integrated a functional street lamp into the foundations of their house. The mayor of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Ralyo Ralev, commented that after six years of service, he thought nothing can surprise him anymore, but yet, he was proven wrong. The mayor thanked the citizen who shared the signal and promised that effective measures will soon follow.

The problem with illegal constructions by gypsies has always been a serious issue for Bulgaria and mostly for the Regional and Municipal Governments. On June 19th 2014, one of the biggest floods to hit Varna happened, due to illegally constructed buildings in one of the drainage channels. In the flood, 13 people lost their lives and the financial damage done to the city’s “Asparuhovo” neighbourhood reached millions of euros.

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Bozhidar Lazarov

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