Two Men Steal a Sick Child's Donation Box. Get Arrested

On Sunday, two men entered a store near the Center for Youth in Dobrich and stole the donation box that was displayed. The donations in the box were worth 60 BGN (30 Euro) and are being raised for a sick child.  

The mother of the kid, Stela Ilieva, explains that the money in the box came from her selling martenitsi, she crafted herself. The two robbers were aged 21 and 31 and were captured thanks to an initiative undertaken by the citizens of Dobrich. None of them has had a previous offense. The two men were found thanks to a snapshot of the CCTV footage inside of the store. The mother - Mrs. Ilieva - was able to obtain the picture and post it on her social media - from then on - people were able to identify one of the criminals, whose face was shown in the picture. 

Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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