Pit Bull Kills a 3-year-old Child Near Pazardjik, Bulgaria

The owner of a pit bull that killed a 3-year-old kid was acquitted of all responsibility in the tragedy. The incident happened in the Pazardjik village of Mokrishte.

Like most children, the killed 3-year-old boy probably just wanted to pet the pit bull. According to the owners and their neighbors, the dog has not exhibited any signs of being aggressive, despite rumors the canine may have been trained for participating in underground dog fights.

While that accusation is unconfirmed, the facts remain – the pit bull was living in appalling conditions and the little boy was just as much a victim of parental negligence as to the bites. Experts attribute the malnourishment on the canine as the major factor in the vicious attack. 3 people were arrested – the aunt, her husband (the owner of the dog who was subsequently acquitted) and the boy’s father.

The breed has a reputation for being aggressive. While that may not be entirely true in comparison to other dog types, the fact is that pit bulls are strong dogs with strong bites. They can cause quite a lot of damage, which is why pit bulls are a favorite of sociopaths that organize and watchdog fighting.



Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for EUscoop.com

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