Prominent Bulgarian Sociologist Speaks Against the Istanbul Convention

The Bulgarian sociologist Kuncho Stoychev speaks out against the ratification of the Istanbul Convention.

Someone is trying to tip-toe around the Bulgarian people in an attempt to pass a law which has not been explained or thoroughly presented before the Bulgarian community. This is how the sociologist Kuncho Stoychev described the current situation with the controversial Istanbul Convention. Hiding behind the benevolent motif of protecting people from violence, the convention will also implement a few lines of text, which have nothing to do with this goal. That is why the Bulgarian community’s opinion of the convention is so negative. They do not like the idea that someone is trying to make a fool out of them, Stoychev added.

As far as violence is concerned, Stoychev said, the Constitution of Bulgaria guarantees the inviolability of the entire country’s citizen. There is no law which allows violence between people in any way. The violence may be fact in our society, but it is not the product of lack of proper laws, but lack of proper implementation of these laws. If the viable institutions acted-out their responsibilities in full accordance with the law, there would be no need to implement additional laws. The current situation is not a juridical problem, but a problem of the institutions.

Kuncho Stoychev is a Bulgarian sociologist. In 1991, together with Andrei Raichev, they create “Gallup International” Centre for Public and Political Research. The company is a partner of TNS, the world’s third-largest information company. Stoychev is a Chevalier of “l’Ordre National de Mérite”, which was given to him by the President of France for great professional merit.

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