Transport Workers Claim that the Real White Slavery is in Bulgaria

After the shocking case of Bulgarian workers held as “white slaves” in Cornwall, England, transport workers of Bulgaria are turning the public’s attention towards their problems.

The Union of Bulgarian Transport Workers has issued an official statement. According to its text, the real “white slavery” does not happen in a foreign country, somewhere far-away from the people, but in Bulgaria. They say that the conditions of life and the conditions of labor are, at the least, scandalous and should be considered inhumane.

The Union of Bulgarian Transport Workers states that drivers do not have the luxury of living in a “moldy” campuses, but sleep in a small cabin inside their trucks. There is no running water, a constant flow of electricity or even proper heating. Having a warm meal, or even preparing one themselves is a luxury, which driver can afford up-to once a week. On top of this, their contracts are on a minimum wage, while they drive for 16 hours a day.

Another big problem with Bulgarian transportation companies is the false advertisement of job positions. Often people can see adverts for €2,000 - €3,000 but when they get employed, the contract is on minimum wage and everything else is written-up as missionaries. This way, if they get a sick day, or even paid vacation, they receive a minimum wage for the period. To add insult to injury, employers would rarely write the exact amount of the missionaries expenses, which means that often, they can pay the driver less than agreed upon and get away with it freely.

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Bozhidar Lazarov

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