The Leader of the Labour Confederation “Podkrepa” Speaks against the Istanbul Convention

The president of the Bulgarian Labour Confederation “Podkrepa” is against the ratifying of the Istanbul Convention. According to him, it would give unlimited power to people who have not been chosen by the nation.

The leader of the Labour Confederation “Podkrepa”, Dimitar Manolov, has spoken against the Istanbul Convention. According to Manolov, the ratifying of the Istanbul Convention would severely burden the country’s Social system. Money has to be directed towards third-party NGO’s who will be given the power to judge and act without any actual limit to their actions. The biggest problem in this situation is the members of these organizations, unlike the MP’s in the National Assembly, have not been voted for and have not been chosen by the people on which they will freely impose their will.

Manolov also said that it is good to try and do something about the violence against women because violence is a serious problem. Yet, he stated that the violence in homosexual couples follows the same statistical principal and same methods. Manolov added that nowadays, the heterosexual white Christian man is used as a bogeyman to frighten everyone and be pointed as the source of all trouble. This is something he could not particularly accept, as “I cannot agree - as a person who has, supposedly, been raised in a patriarchal family, where I have been taught to always offer my seat to a woman in the tram - to allow people to treat me as a male heterosexual chauvinistic pig”.

The Bulgarian Labour Confederation “Podkrepa” is a private organization which aims at improving the working conditions in Bulgaria. It can also be referred to as a nation-wide worker’s union of all professions. The Confederation’s current President is called Dimitar Manolov, who is an engineer by education, passionate fighter for the rights of workers in Bulgaria and according to his official profile on the site of LC “Podkrepa” he has never been part of any political party or movement.

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