In Burgas, Bulgaria drug Dealers Clientele is Predominantly Composed of High School Students

An Investigation conducted by Bulgarian media revealed that the most frequent buyers of controlled substances in Burgas, Bulgaria are High School students. According to the statements of an anonymous child, who was interviewed, finding drugs is not more than a phone call away. Everyone either knows someone or has a friend who knows someone who can supply you with all you desire. A girl who was interviewed said that if they want to do drugs, they will always find a way. If it becomes too difficult to find some, they will find an alternative supply.

Even though there are constant police patrols, the dealers do not show fear. They are still on the streets and work as actively as ever. Just last week, the police have caught three high school students with controlled substances. Usually, they would either hide their “purchases” in their hats or underwear. The cases of young girls used as distributors of drugs, delivering the goods to their buyers have been on a rise. Usually, to not get caught, the girls would hide the drugs in their bras.

Is this a plague which has recently hit the town, or is it one of those things, which are “just the way kids are”? Well according to Bulgaria’s Anti-Drug Strategy for the year 2014-2018, there has been a nation-wide increase in the misuse of controlled substances. In the period 2010-2013, a decrease has been noted only in the use of heroin. Designer drugs, psychoactive drugs and nervous stimulants such as ecstasy and amphetamines have noted an increase in use. Still, the most popular drug in Bulgaria remains cannabis. The data reveals that about 0.5% (30,000) of the people in the 15-64 diapason smoke cannabis at least once a week. The big picture shows that about 9% (600,000) people in the 15-64 diapason have used illegal drugs at least once in their life.

If the problem with rising drug abuse is nation-wide then its roots must also hide in a nation-wide politic. Possible reasons behind it could be the lack of extra-curricular activities in schools. Bulgarian High Schools rarely offer their students any after-class activity, which is not sports.

Thus students interested in arts, theater, politics, science or anything else find themselves in a state of perpetual boredom. On the other hand, there is the factor of the Bulgarian popular culture, spread through radio, television and the internet, which glorifies a reckless life, where the only source of entertainment is partying, fornication and illicit drugs.

In order to deal with the problem, the attention of High School students should be turned towards activities which they are interested in. The most common answer to the question “Why do you use drugs” is “Because it is fun”. If fun can be found in something else, they will not be bothered by the stagnant repetitiveness of the everyday life and, probably, a decrease in the abuse of drugs will be noted.

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Bozhidar Lazarov

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