Free Day in Sofia's Public Transport Attracted 15,000 Passengers According to a Deputy-Mayor

The “Green Ticket  Day” in Sofia’s metro system has attracted 15,000 new passengers according to the city’s deputy mayor of transport Evgeny Krusev.

This initiative aimed at cleaning up Sofia’s notoriously dirty air by decreasing the use of personal automobiles and increasing travel by metro. According to Krusev, the green tickets were successful. He also added that all new vehicles in the public transportation system either ran on natural gas or on electricity, with no new diesel buses being bought.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether these measures will do anything to decrease air pollution. The fact remains – personal cars are only one part of this problem. A lot of factories and industrial areas release harmful gases into the atmosphere. Burgas, another big Bulgarian city, suffered a weird town-wide stench that was traced to Lukoil and Kronospan factories. Another serious problem in Sofia is the burning of waste.


Alex Dimchev

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