Facebook and Httpool Announced Strategic Partnership in Support of Local Businesses in Bulgaria and the Balkans

Facebook and Httpool - popular in digital advertising, announced their strategic partnership for the Balkans. Httpool is already the official Facebook sales partner on the Balkans, including Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia.

Facebook notes the possibility that this long-term partnership can help local agencies and advertisers to reach more significant audiences and engage them in communicating with users, improving the potential of local businesses.

Httpool will provide advice, knowledge, and experience to local businesses and will assist them in their marketing strategies on Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp. This was stated in an official press release.

The partnership provides for the introduction of good practices, training, strategic development techniques, and the ability to pay a local legal entity in local currency. "This partnership is another proof of Httpool's leadership position and the qualities of our teams in Bulgaria and the region. We will be happy to help Facebook with the introduction of the latest advertising solutions in the region and to provide services at the highest-level place - here in Bulgaria," said Ventsislav Kostov, manager of Httpool Bulgaria.

Httpool, a subsidiary of Internet Media Services (IMS), is a leading international digital advertising network with 21 offices in Europe and Asia, offering a wide range of products and advertising solutions in display, video, branding, social and performance channels. The company has a strong international experience and represents Twitter, LinkedIn, Spotify, WeTransfer and other selected global and local publishers in the markets in Bulgaria, Austria, Greece, Estonia, India, Indonesia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia, Hong Kong, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland.

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