Bulgarian Chamber of Architects Withdrew From the Contest for "St. Nedelya" Square in Sofia

The Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria withdrew from the contest for a new look of the "St. Nedelya" Square in Sofia, the organization announced itself. The reasons are the very restrictive terms of the procedure, which deprive the vast majority of architects. The Chamber will appeal the procedure to the Commission for Protection of Competition.

The CAB stated that the contest was announced by the Sofia Municipality in September, and instead of an open procedure under the Public Procurement Act, the municipality opted for a restricted competition, which envisages a maximum of 7 participants in the final phase. In addition, the economic criteria are a serious obstacle for the participants: a minimum total turnover for the last three years amounting to BGN 750,000; at least one completed order for reconstruction of a square space of over 1.5 ha; minimum five experts with a different profile, each with 5 urban or investment projects in the portfolio. 

The deadline for submitting the offers is October 18th. The first-ranked participant will receive a prize of BGN 70,000, the second - BGN 60,000, the third - BGN 50,000, the fourth - BGN 40,000 and the fifth - BGN 30,000. The winner will be invited by the municipality to prepare a detailed design for the reconstruction in the square, and in case of refusal, the invitation will be sent to the second one, Capital announced.

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