60% of Sofia Emergency 112 Calls Are Not Urgent

Sofia's Center of Emergency Medical Assistance employee reports that 60% of Bulgaria's 112 emergency calls are not in fact urgent.

Dr. Delyan Georgiev was interviewed by BNT. He shared that many calls on 112 end up being wasting the ambulance's time. Georgiev mentions that "emergencies" often include fungal infections and other non-life threatening medical problems. The Doctor reminds that these false alarms may cost somebody their lives as the resources, the Emergency Center has, are limited.
Sofia's emergency services are often stretched thin, which increases response times.

Georgiev claims that if all non-urgent calls were removed, the emergency services wouldn't have a problem covering the whole city in a more timely manner. He also adds: "People intentionally call and hyperbolize their symptoms, so the team will respond quickly and they won't have to go to the pharmacy. Another percentage don't know what they are experiencing and think their problems are an emergency."

The doctor puts the blame on the lack of education in Bulgarian society, saying that people don't know the purpose of the emergency services. The issue of fake or non-urgent calls to 112 is often reported, but it seems that this doesn't stop people from wasting the time of ambulances.

Image Source: Pixabay

Alex Dimchev

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