Macedonian Opposition Leader: Zaev to Give up the Name Contract

Macedonian opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski urged Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to call early elections and give up the deal to change the name of the country in return for the EU and NATO integration, reported  BTA.

The leader of the opposition party also demanded the appointment of a caretaker government to run the election. According to him, the election should be held in late November. Zoran Zaev hopes to get the approval of the name deal in the parliament, but the ruling coalition does not have the required two-thirds majority for the next step, which is a constitutional amendment.

Meanwhile, former Macedonian Prime Minister and former leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski, published a Facebook post, stating that when “VMRO-DPMNE is on its knees, the Republic of Macedonia is also kneeling, but when VMRO-DPMNE is strong and upright, upright and strong is also the Republic of Macedonia”.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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