Chinese Company Demanded the Suspension of the Auction for New Trains for Bulgarian State Railways

China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) appealed to the Commission for Protection of Competition part of the conditions of the Bulgarian State Railways for the delivery of 42 trains with a budget of BGN 675 million, Capital reported. Two more complaints came from Siemens Mobility and Škoda Transportation.

Bulgarian State Railways announced that it needed 85 new trains to be bought in two stages. The first 42 by 2023 and the second 43 - by 2028. The aim is 85% renewal of the available trains.

Two of the appealing companies are now from the group of manufacturers with which BSR have consulted about the calculation of the price of the new trains. These are PESA Bydgoszcz, Stadler Rail Management, Škoda Transportation, and Siemens. PESA has indicated a price of BGN 390 million, Stadler - BGN 563 million, Škoda - BGN 564 million, and Siemens – BGN 630 million. The price of the order for the first 42 is BGN 675 million including the maintenance of the units for a period of 15 years and at that stage, only PESA manages to fit into the price in question.

Both Siemens and Škoda protested against discriminatory auction conditions with official letters to Bulgarian State Railways leadership.

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