Journalist Brutally Murdered in Ruse, Bulgaria

A brutal murder of a 30-year-old journalist in Ruse, Bulgaria. The body of Victoria Marinova was found on Saturday in a hard-to-reach area near the Danube River. The recognition was late at night.

Criminologists in Ruse say they do not remember the city to had such a brutal crime. Before being murdered, the young woman was raped, beaten, mutilated, and suffocated, Ruse Media reported. The alert was filed in Second District Police Station. The case was confirmed by Commissioner Teodor Atanasov, Director of the Directorate of the Interior Ministry in the city.

The killed woman was the administrative director of TVN TV in Ruse. She was the leader of “Podium” show, and by the end of September, the “Detector” tv show. The woman is the mother of a 7-year-old girl.

Her latest show was related to the detention of the two investigative journalists and the GPgate. The report was titled: "About the Pressure and Barriers to Investigative Journalism. About Corrupt Practices at the State Level. About the “Art” of EU Funds Utilization. Speaking Dimitar Stoyanov from Bivol and his Romanian counterpart Attila Biro."

The murderer has not yet been identified.

The Association of European Journalists-Bulgaria has called for an investigation of any possible versions of the murder, including reasons related to the victim's work.

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Petya Petrova

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