23% of Bulgarians Consider Searching For a Job Abroad; Turkish "Acibadem” to Withdraw from Bulgaria

Zoran Zaev will Continue to lead Macedonia towards NATO and the EU membership

Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said he did not intend to resign despite the low turnout rate in the referendum on changing the country's name.

Bulgaria is Perceived as an Attractive Tourist Destination

Bulgaria is perceived as an attractive tourist destination and has good positions in the region. This showed a study among a representative sample of five key tourism countries: Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Romania, and Serbia, done by Gallup International.

Serbian President: Europe Should Respect Small Countries

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vučić commented on the recent referendum results in Macedonia, saying that Europe should respect the wishes of smaller countries.

Mothers of Bulgarian Children with Disabilities to Protest Again

The latest version of the Draft law on people with disabilities will be withdrawn for reworking. Social Minister Bisser Petkov explained that they face a difficult situation because they have to balance between the interests of the organizations of people with disabilities and the different ministries.

Operation Using a New Method for Treatment of Colorectal Cancer was Successfully Carried out in Bulgaria

For the first time in Bulgaria, a complex operation using a new method of treatment of colorectal cancer has been carried out in the National Oncology Hospital in Sofia.

Borisov: Instead of the Requested BGN 105 Million, we will Allocate BGN 150 Million for Disabled People

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov commented on the problems of people with disabilities in connection with the forthcoming protest of mothers with disabled children.

Bulgaria Among the Leading IT Outsourcing Destinations in the World

Bulgaria is among the leading IT outsourcing destinations in the world thanks to the good business climate and technical expertise.

"Bulgargaz" Will be Able to Change the Price of Natural Gas Received from "Gazprom"

The long-term contract between "Bulgargaz" and "Gazprom" for the supply of natural gas in Bulgaria is already changed, the company announced in an official statement. 

What Happened to the Arabadzhiev Case and the Related to it Hotel "Marinela" in Sofia?

At the beginning of September, the prosecution announced that a European arrest warrant was issued to the businessman Vetko Arabadzhiev and his wife, Marinela, in connection with an organized crime group for tax fraud.

Putin Accused Bulgaria of Inability to Defend the National Interest

Russian President Vladimir Putin would not want Europe to show weakness and fail to defend its participation in the "Nord Stream 2" project as Bulgaria did in "South Stream".

Turkish "Acibadem” to Withdraw from Bulgaria

The group expects offers for the hospitals it owns - the former Tokuda in Sofia, City Clinic, a hospital for heart diseases and a medical center in Burgas and Varna and several medical companies.

The Big Problem in Bulgaria is no Longer Corruption, but the Labor Force

The Minister of Economy Emil Karanikolov commented that the big problem in Bulgaria is no longer corruption, but the labor force as the business begins to refuse orders because there is no one to work. 

23% of Bulgarians Consider Searching For a Job Abroad

23% of Bulgarians consider looking for a job abroad. This is the result of a nationally representative sociological survey of the “Sova Harris” agency.

Bulgaria Has the Second Largest Bitcoin Treasure on Earth

Satoshi Nakamoto has the greatest treasure in terms of bitcoins. The Bulgarian government is second to have the biggest Bitcoin treasure in the world, and this is information that few people know.

Boyko Borisov Talks in Odessa with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko

They will discuss the cooperation in education and infrastructure development of contacts between the two countries and in particular the contacts Sofia - Kiev. 







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