Bulgaria Has the Second Largest Bitcoin Treasure on Earth

Satoshi Nakamoto has the greatest treasure in terms of bitcoins. The Bulgarian government is second to have the biggest Bitcoin treasure in the world, and this is information that few people know.

In its article, Actualno comments that the authorities in Bulgaria had begun to collect Bitcoin and then faced illegal activities in the country, as many of the criminals were paid in Bitcoin. A series of arrests in mid-2017 led to the capture of 213,519 BTC, according to different sources, but the government denied it. Now, this could amount to less than a $1.5 billion It is unclear whether the Bulgarian government has used the coins, but if it has them all, the state can repay 25% of its national debt in one day.

Last year, OFFnews commented that the poorest country in the EU, Bulgaria, had suddenly been an owner of a treasure - more than 210,000 BTC confiscated in a special operation in May, according to Deutsche Welle. The only other owner that stores Bitcoin almost as much as in Bulgaria is BitFinex, which currently has a portfolio of about 163,000 BTC or more than $1 billion.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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