Citizens of Sofia Unhappy With Graf Ignatiev Construction

The citizens of Bulgaria’s capital of Sofia have expressed a strong wave of disapproval with two construction projects in the city, namely the renovation of Graf Ignatiev street and the tile flooring near the Sveti Sedmochislenitsi Church.

bTV reports on the public outcry. Many defects on the construction of Graf Ignatiev have been shared on social media, with citizens being unhappy with the way the street is forming up. The firm that controls the €20 million operation, “Dzhi Pi Group” stated: “Due to the public and media interest to the repairs on Graf Ignatiev Street, we would like to point out again that we still haven’t finished on neither one of the areas in which the site is separated.”

The Sofia municipality also shared the stance, with the deputy-mayor Evgeni Krusev stating: “A number of construction activities are forthcoming, after which we can say that a given section is finished or not, and then we can determine what the quality is.”

The grey tile flooring on the Sveti Sedmochislenitsi Church caused much mockery and negative comments on social media. The architect of the project defended his vision, stating that people who doubt it will be amazed once it's finished. He also stated that “haters are meant to hate.”

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