Bessarabian-Bulgarians To Get Easier Access To Bulgarian Citizenship

During a visit to Ukraine, Bulgaria’s Vice President Iliana Iotova stated that 1,500 Ukrainian citizens received a Bulgarian passport since the start of 2018. She expects that number to double until the end of the year. Iotova also promised that Bulgarian law will change to make it easier to get Bulgarian citizenship especially for children of Bessarabian Bulgarian origin. The quota for exchange students from Ukraine was raised. Last year’s number was 260, while the currently there are 430 places.

The statements were made during a meeting with the village mayors of the Bolhrad area, known for its ethnic Bulgarian population. The mayor of Babata village Petar Dobrev raised the question of Bessarabian Bulgarians getting citizenship in their land of origin. He stated that sometimes it’s easier for them to become Romanian citizens. Dobrev revealed that many Bessarabian Bulgarians would enjoy having the ability to return to their homeland. He’s quoted as saying: “We are proud that for 200 years we kept our Bulgarianness here because we lived conserved in our villages.”

The mayor raised concerns about keeping the Bulgarian identity alive in the face of globalization.

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