Gospodari na Efira Gave "Golden Skunk" to its Former Reporter Varbanov

The broadcast "Gospodari na Efira" gave "Golden Skunk" to their former reporter Dimitar Varbanov. The show has a tradition of giving this irony prize to people who have excelled in society with their biggest mistakes.

The hosts of the TV show started the episode on Monday, comparing his "acting" skills with those of the footballer Neymar. Dimitar Rachkov, even pretended to be the reporter, lying on the floor of the studio.

It was then shown how Dimitar Varbanov was awarded the emblematic Golden Skunk Prize by Bobby Vaklinov. Varbanov explained his behavior with "a lot of adrenaline and emotions" and stressed that there was no intention in his actions.

The reporter criticized him for having "abused the trust of the collegial community" and defeated the prestige of the show. In the studio, Dimitar Rachkov and Maria Ignatova continued with an attack on the prosecutor's office on the statements of the spokeswoman Rumyana Arnaudova that the institution was misled in the case, and commented that the unacceptable in this case is the food to be stored in violation. The show is known for its disclosures, which the prosecution after investigates.

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