Murder Attempt of a Bulgarian Journalist in Burgas

A new offense against a Bulgarian journalist. On Saturday night, still unknown people lit a tire in front of the door of Borislav Penkov's home in Burgas, and the journalist defined it as a murder attempt not only for him but also for all his neighbors, NOVA reported.

The flames quickly reached the door of the photographer's apartment, thick smoke filled the stairwell, and the fire destroyed the electrical board of the whole building. Borislav commented that this is the third case of an attack against him, but added that he did not receive personal threats. The acts, however, began after taking pictures of a burned-out restaurant.

The police have already detained a 37-year-old man and are establishing his involvement in the crime. Meanwhile, the energy company employees are trying to eliminate the accident.

The Association of European Journalists - Bulgaria defined the event as "an embarrassing attempt to intimidate a photo reporter from Burgas. We hope the authorities will take all measures to end harassment against our colleague from the newspaper "Chernomorski Far (Black Sea Lighthouse)".

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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