Bulgarian Wine Will be Sold in Walmart

Bulgarian wine will be sold in the largest retail chain in the world - Walmart. Nina Patronska, an exclusive representative for Europe and Bulgaria of the Grapes & Barley LLC (G&B Importers) and for the produced for the popularization of the Bulgarian wine in America brand “Bulgariana”, announced for Actualno.com.

She commented that this is a great success and recognition. Bulgaria is one of the five countries that enter into a global wine project of the trading company. The approved Bulgarian wine is a red blend between cabernet and syrah produced by the Castra Rubra team. 

“Bulgariana” is already a national brand in the US and through it, G&B Importers direct the eyes of the American consumers to Bulgaria. This year, International Wine Review is preparing a report on Bulgaria as a wine destination, which is important for traders, distributors, importers, wine specialists, and future tasters.

Walmart has a chain of 5,000 stores in the US and another 7,000 in other countries.

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Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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