Bulgarian Immigrant Donated $1 Million to the Medical University in Sofia

Andrey Georgiev was an immigrant in the United States, who graduated from his medical education in Sofia, in the Medical University. Dr. Georgiev died in 2014 at 93 years in his home in America.

Months ago, it became clear that he had left $3 million to his former high school in Lom municipality, Bulgaria. The doctor’s wish was that the money donated to the school will be used to finance the education of talented pupils of the gymnasium. The doctor received a posthumous title of Honored Citizen by the municipality on the recommendation of Lom’s mayor, Penka Penkova.

From the donation to the Medical University, BGN 20,000 will go for a prize fund for excellent students. BGN 1000 will be awarded to every student with scientific achievements. One of the auditoriums of the Rectorate will be named after the donor.

This year, the Medical University in Sofia will celebrate its 100 years. It's the oldest medical institution of higher education in Bulgaria. Today, the Medical University has four faculties - the Medical, Dental, Pharmaceutical, and Public Health Faculties, as well as the Department of Language Learning and Sport. Since its foundation more than 60 000 specialists were instructed at the Medical University – Sofia, 4600 foreign citizens included.

Bilyana Ninova

Bilyana Ninova is a Marketing specialist, content creator and hobby photographer.

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