Newborn Died Only a Day After Being Discharged from a Hospital in Vidin, Bulgaria

A newborn baby died only a day after being discharged from a hospital in Vidin. The mother blames the doctors in disregard. The young woman could spend with her child only a few days in the hospital, Bulgaria on Air reported. The medical records said that the newborn was in excellent health.

While still in the hospital the woman told the doctors that the child is not eating enough, and she was convinced that this is normal. The next morning, the baby did not want to eat and to drink water at all. She called the local doctors, and then the baby was accepted to the hospital in Montana. There they did medical exams and established intestinal infection with the critical score of 143 points. Despite the efforts of doctors in Montana, the baby did not survive.

However, the hospital in Vidin denied having underestimated Kremena's case. The woman wants to know what happened to her child and who discharged it without checking if everything is fine.

The prosecution is already working on the case, and the mother has also referred to the Medical Audit. This is another newborn death for this year.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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