GERB: Journalist Rape and Murder Coverage Smeared Bulgaria

The leader of the parliamentary group of GERB Tsvetan Tsvetanov claimed that the media was duped into an anti-Bulgarian spin in their coverage of the rape and murder of journalist Viktoria Marinova.

The Focus news agency reported on the statement. Tsvetanov is quoted as saying: "Here we must take interest in those that made the respective vigils and protests because they made this mechanism for smearing the country." According to Tsvetanov, this was a bad political move, because "those that smear this country may have to rule it tomorrow."

When asked whether he saw any involvement of the Bulgarian Socialist Party in the media outcry, Tsvetanov stated: "Freedom of speech is something that has no restrictions. Everyone can write anything, everyone can share it on social media in a manner they find it appropriate. What I always insisted on was to keep some sort of political hygiene."

The murder of Viktoria Marinova was initially a mystery, prompting people to speculate that it was an intentional murder of a journalist in order to silence free speech. It turned out that the murder was likely unplanned and carried out by a 21-year-old dweller of the Roma district in Ruse.

Alex Dimchev

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