Bulgarians Demand the Return of the Death Penalty

In Bulgaria, people are beginning to demand a return of the death penalty. Hours before the funeral of Victoria, dozens of people comment on social networks that the fate of her killer is unknown. Severin's Facebook profile is also filled with calls for a return of the death penalty.

The last death sentence in Bulgaria was fulfilled on 4 November 1989. On 20 July 1990, 13 sentenced to death were given a second chance, because the deputies from the Grand National Assembly imposed a moratorium on the execution of their sentences. In 1998 the death penalty was replaced by a life imprisonment without the right to be replaced. Death penalty goes against both the Council of Europe's European Convention of Human Rights, which is why Belarus is no longer a member of the Council of Europe, and also against the EU's own laws on human rights.

Supreme Judicial Council member Cvetinka Pashkunova, who until recently was a criminal judge at the Supreme Court of Cassation, commented that it is not necessary to step backward because of a single case. According to her, it can be considered murders to abolish the abridged procedure, for which the guilty people get lighter penalties, “24 hours” reported.

Meanwhile, yesterday an Internet petition for Independent EU investigation into the murder of Bulgarian journalist Victoria Marinova, which is currently signed by more than 2,600 people, was created. “We call for a full and independent investigation into the murder of the Bulgarian investigative journalist Victoria Marinova. She was brutally raped, beaten, and strangled while investigating corruption involving EU funds at the highest echelons of Bulgarian power structures.  We believe that the investigation by the Bulgarian authorities is biased and will serve the interests of the corrupted Bulgarian officials.  We call for complete withholding of all EU investments in Bulgaria until such investigation is completed,” was said in the description of the petition.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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