The Bulgarian Army Lacks 5,500 People

Defense Minister Krassimir Karakachanov commented that more than 5,500 people are the shortage in the Bulgarian army and noted that this did not threaten their capability. He stressed that important factors above all, are the spirit and motivation of these people because, regardless of the circumstances when people have the motivation, miracles happen, said Karakachanov, 24 Chasa reported.

According to him, the military profession should be made to be more prestigious and more attractive, one of the mandatory conditions being the increase in salaries. Karakachanov reported the increase in salaries by 10% in 2017, promising one more increase for this year as well as the next one. He stressed that last year BGN 28 million were allocated for repairs of the buildings of the military schools.

He expressed hope that the voluntary military service would be introduced by the end of his mandate. According to him, more young people enter the military school with a certain attitude, but when it turns out different, they leave before taking an oath. It was, therefore, necessary to restore the full military training at school to know what to expect if they decide to continue in the army.

At the National Military University, Karakachanov was a guest of a military oath of the new 155 freshmen in the 145th class.

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Petya Petrova

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