Peevski Withdraws From Active Publishing and Creates a Foundation to Fight with Fake News

DPS member of Parliament Delyan Peevski announced that he was withdrawing from the active publishing business and has denied the acquisition of "Telegraph Media" as the Commission for the Protection of Competition has not ruled the request for approval of the transaction for five months, which, according to Peevski, is inadmissible.

In a letter to the media, he states that he founded the “Telegraph Foundation”. Its main objective will be "to develop the media market, enhance professionalism, morality, and objectivity in the journalistic profession, and fight against fake news in all forms." The announcement adds that only prominent Bulgarian journalists will participate in the Board of the Foundation.

After the registration of the Foundation, he will transfer entirely the property of Telegraph Media to its benefit, and hence the responsibility for the print media issued by the same company - "Telegraph", "Monitor", "Politika", and "Meridian Match".

I withdraw from the active publishing activity and I leave it to the members of the board of directors, and my participation will be limited only to the financial support of the Foundation's work for the achievement of its goals," he says in the letter, adding that "it is time for media content to be managed by journalists because it would only guarantee media independence. How many times in the last few years we have witnessed how pure media events turn into oligarchic meetings where, instead of journalists, we see dubious executives, accused persons, as well as persons with a state-seized property."

Peevski asks whether this is the media freedom that is so spoken of, and which should be the barometer of society - instead of truth-seekers, journalists, accused and accountable oligarchs to define public opinion and the public agenda. He argues that it was these oligarchs who used their media to manipulate information and distribute fake news.

"As a print media publisher, I no longer want to be included in any way with this group of media owners, but it is high time to counteract the media environment created by them," he adds, concluding that "Editorial policy should be determined solely by real events and the public interest rather than by oligarchic media circles. Only in this way will the Bulgarian media be free from all dependencies and will be free - this time not only in words, but our country will not occupy an unimaginable place of media freedom. "

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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