Getaway Driver For the Murderer of Viktoria Marinova Speaks Out

The driver that transported Severin Krasimirov, murder suspect in the Viktoria Marinova case, to Germany spoke about the ride to Hamburg where Severin tried to escape.

Sinan, who's Severin's friend from the Roma district in Ruse, was interviewed by Nova TV. The driver claims Severin never revealed that he had anything to do with Marinova's murder or even said anything through the entire 30 hours of the ride. The driver claims he learned that he's transporting a murder suspect only after the German authorities started searching for both of them.

Sinan returned to Bulgaria and gave his testimony. He wasn't arrested. Sinan claims that he saw Severin the night before the murder happened, when the later was intoxicated, but "not to such extent" as he puts it. The party continued until the morning when Severin supposedly left alone.
The brutal murder and rape of Bulgarian Viktoria Marinova shocked the world. The case gained additional notoriety due to Marinova being a journalist.

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