German Police Detained the Suspect in the Murder of Journalist Victoria Marinova

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov, and Interior Minister Mladen Marinov gave a briefing regarding the detainee for the murder of the journalist Victoria Marinova.

Late last night, the German police detained a Bulgarian citizen. He is Severin Krasimirov, born in 1997, in Ruse, who left Bulgaria on 7 October, just after the murder. He has a criminal record dating back to 2007 for theft. "In the course of the work are taken enough material evidence that linked him to the victim and the crime scene. The presence of DNA material with full compliance on the offender's clothes as well - both his and of the victim," Mladen Marinov commented. Marinov recalled the entire chronology beginning on October 6 and the signal of a found female corpse. "At the moment, the Forensic Institute is working, we continue to work on all the upgraded versions," he added.

“Gratitude to the Bulgarian authorities, as well as to the police of the Federal Republic of Germany”, said Tsatsarov. He commented that the accused has been charged with rape and murder. Tsatsarov reminded that the suspect's detention does not stop the investigation. The motive for the crime is a spontaneous attack on the victim for the purpose of sexual assault.

Borisov turned to the journalists in the hall, recalling that on Sunday he asked to not write publications in advance, as any preliminary information could lead to the concealment of items and evidence, and thanked those who correctly stated their opinion and did not create sensational news. Borisov stressed that the suspect would be questioned by a German court before being extradited to Bulgaria, and the country would provide all the available materials collected so far.

"We pay close attention to every signal“, and he commented regarding the previous case related to the former investigative journalist of "Gospodari na Efira" that “I hope that such experiments will not be received in the future to provoke a non-existent crime because I quickly reacted to the signal, but then it turned out the opposite. "

"You are not the fourth, you are the first power at the moment and I ask you to act responsibly because you have the power to write and speak freely on any topic," added Borisov.

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