CEM Registered "Bulgarian Free Television", Project of the Bulgarian Socialist Party

The Council for Electronic Media registered Bulgarian Free Television (BSTV) - a project behind which is the Socialist Party. During the vote, only Rozita Elenova, a parliamentary quota proposed by the Bulgarian Democratic Center, voted against. The reason for doing so is based on Article 5 of the Radio and Television Act, which "ensures the independence of media service providers and their activities from political and economic interference."

The project presented to CEM stated that the BSTB had the ambition to start broadcasting its program on December 31, 2018. In addition, its subsidy from the party's BSP, will amount to BGN 2 million, and after one year, it aims to hold 20% of the national audience and to compete with the three big ones - Nova TV, BNT, and bTV, Capital reported.

In Bulgaria for several years, there has been a practice to register televisions with party character, the most iconic example being that of Alpha TV of the Ataka party. Nikolay Barekov, for example, gained popularity and followed a political career after the show "Bulgaria without censorship" on TV "Skat". With the help of the popularity given to him by television, Volen Siderov first entered the National Assembly and founded the Ataka party. Today "Skat" is a place for expressions of the positions of the National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria, whose chairman is Valery Simeonov- Deputy Prime Minister of the GERB Cabinet.

Image Source: BSP

Petya Petrova

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