Boxing Federation Denies That Marinova's Murder Suspect Trained in Any Official Ruse Clubs

The Bulgarian Boxing Federation released a statement claiming that the suspect in the murder of Viktoria Marinova, Severin Krasimirov, never trained boxing in any official clubs of Ruse. He was also never a participant in any contests or tournaments organized by the federation.

The BBF said: "In relation to the information that the arrested in Germany, Severin Krasimirov, a suspect in the murder of TV host Viktoria Marinova in Ruse, trained boxing, the Bulgarian federation for boxing wants to specify that such a name was never registered in any of the three local clubs - Ruse, Lokomotiv, or Dunabe, and he never took part in championships or tournaments organized by the Bulgarian boxing federation."

The arrest of Krasimirov was a major event in Bulgaria. Even Prime Minister Boyko Borisov got involved in solving the case. When asked about the motive of the crime, Bulgaria's chief persecutor Sotir Tsatsarov stated that Krasimirov didn't plan the attack, that he trained to box, and that there are reasons to believe that he was intoxicated.

Alex Dimchev

Alex Dimchev is a writer, editor, and weapons master for

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