"Gospodari na Efira" Former Investigative Journalist Could be Charged with Perjury

"I've never tried to mislead anyone in my entire career as a reporter." This is what the former reporter of "Gospodari na Efira" (Lords of the Air) Dimitar Varbanov said in an interview for NOVA and added that he did not classify what happened as a beating.

"I fell on my left side, striking my left arm in the wrist area, my left leg in the thigh area and the left side of the head above the ear. I felt a heavy headache, and pain in my legs and arms, seeing that I had blood on my hands ", read from the documents Rumyana Arnaudova, a spokesman for the Chief Prosecutor. "It turned out, unfortunately, that all this was a play аnd the prosecution was misled. This is absolutely unacceptable“, added she and commented that this is a serious intentional crime, an offense against justice for which more than 5 years of imprisonment are foreseen.

NOVA Broadcasting Group came out with an official statement, commenting that it was deeply concerned by the misconception that the reporter had created. The media will seek responsibility from the producer of the show.

Meanwhile, the District Court in Veliko Tarnovo has released the two detainees without any measure of detention. Two punitive decrees, totaling BGN 8,500, were compiled by the Food Safety Agency to the owner of the warehouse for the expired food and the replaced labels.

The Association of European Journalists in Bulgaria also issued an opinion on the matter, commenting that "the case must not in any way compromise the protection of journalists against violence. The threat of violence is a permanent part of the life of investigative journalists and is, in most cases, realistic”.

The association will continue to require the authorities to investigate such cases promptly and effectively, “while recognizing the responsibility of each journalist, not to abuse his position and the trust of society“, is said in the statement.

Petya Petrova

Petya Petrova is a journalist, believer, and traveler.

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