Bulgarian Woman gets 2 Years and a Half of Jail Time for the Murder of a Policeman

Katya Lertza, received two years and six months of jail time after running over a policeman with her SUV.

After seven months of court battles, Katya Lertza has received two years and six months of jail time for running over a policeman with her car. For such a crime, the court sentence can be anywhere between 2 to 6 years, which has left many people baffled with the court’s decision. The reasons behind the decision are that the woman requested to be judged by the abridged procedure and she admitted to all of the accusations. The fact that she is a mother of two has also been taken into consideration. In court, the widow of the policeman said that Lertza ruined her family and orphaned her children, for which she requested a heavy penalty.

On May 13, 2017 in Plovdiv, Katya Lertza was driving her “KIA Sportage” SUV, in a settlement with the speed of 99km/h, which is high above the 50km/h limit. As she was tailing a construction truck, which was also speeding, she could not see the policeman who had decided to stop the truck for a check. Collision followed, the man’s body flew 20-30 metres to the side and the SUV managed to stop 100 metres after the hit. Field tests proved that Lertza was not driving under the influence, but she still was speeding. In the end, two children lost their father and a mother of two is going to jail, all because two drivers on the road decided that speeding is not a serious matter.

(Picture taken from: reclaimourrepublic)

Bozhidar Lazarov

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