Illegal Dogfights in Dobrich, Bulgaria

After buying a second-hand phone, the buyer stumbled on videos of illegal dog fights taking place in Dobrich, Bulgaria.

Well-organized dog-fighting ring exists in Dobrich, Bulgaria. The participants in the ring see this as a profitable “business”, but what hides behind these words is a torturous process, which leaves dozens of animals dying in agony. The ring was revealed by an unnamed man who found videos of the dogs’ training and fights on a second-hand phone he bought. The Facebook group DOG Help – BG has raised awareness on the matter by sharing the videos and calling people to action against the dogfighting ring.

Radoslav P. is the name of the man on whose phone the videos of the dogfights were found. According to shared information Radoslav, known as Rafa, and his friends would find stray dogs and break their teeth. Then the “training” would begin, as the defenceless dogs are thrown at Radoslav’s pit bulls. By fighting a crippled opponent, the dogs gain more confidence in their skill and become much more vicious and bloodthirsty. After “training” on enough opponents, the dogs are ready for the real fights. The dogs which have had the misfortune to get captured by Rafa and his friends die in insufferable pain, in the name of bloodied entertainment. The Police and Prosecution office in Dobrich have opened a case on the matter and are investigating Radoslav P.

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Bozhidar Lazarov

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