The Bulgarian Government has approved another 25 million for the EU Presidency

After spending €75 million on its EU Presidency, the Bulgarian government has decided to ensure another hefty sum of €25 million to be invested in the project.

The Bulgarian government has approved additional 49 million BGN (€25 million) to be spent on the EU Presidency in addition to the already assigned €75 million. Of the additional sum, little less than €25,000 will be assigned to logistics and about €140,000 will be assigned to municipalities for the execution of projects related to Bulgaria’s presidency of the EU. The rest of the money will be used for the organization of events abroad, for cultural programmes and ensuring media coverage.

This way, the poorest country in the EU will throw a huge sum of money on a project which is not essential to its economic, social or demographic growth. Hosting the Presidency of the EU does not grant Bulgaria special privileges in decision making, does not give us control over anything, neither does it make us special, since after six months another country will host it.

This means that the Bulgarian government has spent €100 million of taxpayer money, a ludicrous sum by Bulgarian standards, in order to grant a few politicians personal connections with other European politicians. No one should exclude the possibility of more money sinking into this financial abyss, while there is no money for education, social security or project aimed at reducing the effects of the demographic crisis.

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Bozhidar Lazarov

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