GERB Suggests that the Bulgarian Constitutional Court Should Decide on the Istanbul Convention

The governing party which is also the parliamentary majority has spoken out on the hottest topic of 2018 (so far). Yes, the Istanbul convention is indeed one of the most intriguing political happenings in the recent years. It is most probably one of the most covered topics by all media outlets for this month. So what did GERB MPs have to say about the Convention? 

GERB MP Danail Kirilov who also serves as the chairman of the parliament's juridical committee commented that the only institution that can give meaningful advice on the Istanbul Convention subject is the Constitutional Court. By law, the Constitutional Court is the institution that decides on compatibility between international conventions/contracts etc. and the Bulgarian Constitution. "The convention has already been signed but has not been ratified by the National Assembly. A decision by the Court will give a good juridical standpoint on the debate surrounding the document. We believe this is going to help the Bulgarian people grasp the concept," Kirilov added. 

The Constitutional Court will have to speak out on the compatibility between the convention's gender redefinition and article 46.1 of the Bulgarian Constitution. Article 46.1 defines marriage as the voluntary union between a man and a woman. However, allowing biological males to define themselves as women (which is part of the Convention's text) would practically mean that Bulgaria might be allowing same-sex marriage as long as one of the partners claims membership to the opposite gender. 

Vasil Manev

Vasil Manev is a student in Computer Science and an aspiring columnist, studying in Heidelberg, Germany.

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